Outdoor Playsets – Safety Tips

When looking for any sort of outdoor playset, no doubt you will be looking at features such as cost, durability and even good looks. However, there is one other very important aspect to take into consideration and that is safety.

No matter how hard you try… some accidents will still happen. Kids will fall and trip, it’s just part of growing up. But it’s our job as parents to try and make things as safe as we possibly can for.

Here are a few safety tips to help you with selecting outdoor playsets and encouraging safe play :

* When selecting a playset for toddlers, it’s a good idea to look for sets with smooth rounded edges. Smooth, rounded, plastic edges are more toddler friendly than hard square corners. Anyone with experience knows, that toddlers tend to do things like tripping and banging their heads on things.

* Look for playsets with recessed hardware, so that clothes don’t get snagged. Also if bolts aren’t recessed, since they corrode over time, they can become a tetanus liability.

* Make sure that you locate your outdoor playset on a safe surface such as grass or soil, not on hard surfaces like concrete, asphalt or blacktop. You can also purchase things such as rubber mulch and rubber safety mats.

* If the highest point of your playset is over 12 feet off the ground, then extra precautions will be necessary. A cushioned surface should be installed and it must extend at least six feet beyond the playset on all sides. Keep in mind that even proper surfacing won’t prevent all injuries. The greater the height of the playground equipment, the more likely kids are to get injured if they fall.

* Some metal slides and handrails can get very hot on sunny days, so check them before use.

* Make sure that your children don’t wear clothes with drawstrings or cords, when playing on outdoor playsets. It’s also a good idea to remove bracelets, necklaces and purses. Things like these can get tangled and cause injuries.

* Teach your children to use playground equipment properly. To go down slides feet first, not head first and not to stand up on swings. Adult supervision is always advised, especially for young children.